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This is the main advantage of internet monitoring.

This is the main advantage of internet monitoring.

The advantages of network management. Seven reasons to reduce IT costs and make your life easier.


There is nothing worse than calling the network to resign. IT often loses the ability to find things for executives like You or a customer complains in the dark When stopped, the clock will blur Longer recovery, higher cost: loss of time, loss of efficiency and user satisfaction.

24/7 network monitoring solution for routers and switches, virtual servers, wireless devices, and all types of applications Checking all advanced network technology means you can identify and fix problems before they get worse.

The advantages of network management. Seven reasons to reduce IT costs and make your life easier.

This is the main advantage of internet monitoring.

1. On time

What is the reason for wasting time? Human errors, configuration problems, and environmental factors contribute to this. Website monitoring is the easiest and most complete way to prevent these errors.

With network monitoring, you can move forward one problem. By viewing real-time network performance data in an easy-to-read interface, a network monitor can help detect errors that may cause problems.

2. Solve problems quickly

Time is money in a bad situation. Internet monitoring makes online expert solutions quick and easy in a short time.

Whether you are dealing with network monitoring programs, configuration errors, or abnormal data volume changes can help you solve this problem. The network card may be the cause of the problem and the status window will give measurements over time.

In addition, online auto tools can help you keep track of back. By network monitoring, you can automatically identify problems and fix them without having to join.

3. Call YG today.

IT teams often face heavy workloads and complex projects without time, personnel, or budget. The right tool for network monitoring, providing instant return on investment Employees find time to work on more complex projects without having to manually close the network. Finding the source of the problem reduces the time it takes to fix the problem. Tracking the IT gap can reduce your company sales costs.

4. Protecting network growth and development

With the development of technology and the growth of connected devices, the IT environment is growing today. According to Gartner, the number of devices connected to the internet will reach 25 billion euros in 2021. Whether it's the internet, wireless devices or sensors that provide cloud technology, all of these devices require monitoring. Big jumps and continuous suspicious activity

The complexity of the network also increases. Whether it is a cloud transfer or an IPv6 infection, you need a flexible and reliable tool to monitor all IP resources and ensure smooth implementation during the transition.

5. Identify security threats

Network monitoring can help protect critical business data if you don't have a budget for intrusion detection programs and want to reach Level 1 to prevent data attacks.
Network monitoring tools provide first-class security. The biggest advantage that you will receive is the ease of "normal" operation, regardless of your work speed or network. Connect unknown device You can contact the network security actively to find out when and where the event occurred.

6. Update the target device

Is not enough to convince many owners that it is necessary to upgrade the server The past performance of these devices in the last 12 months is very reliable.
Network monitoring tools provide history information about device operation over time. Analyzing trends will help you determine whether your current technology matches your business needs, whether you need to invest in new technology or not.

7. SLA report

The work of leading IT consultants and service providers to fill the network promises to provide information about network monitoring results.

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